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Finance system

Finance system in Lebanon

The Lebanese economy is a developing economy with a commercial tradition of minimum government intervention into the local private sector. The Lebanese economic system is service-oriented and its key services have been always related to banking and tourism. Since there are no restrictions on foreign exchange transactions neither capital movements, income- and the tax-free environment has become another distinctive feature of the local financial system. Lebanon is a service-oriented country with its focus set on banking and tourism. Although there's been ...

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Ethnic and linguistic composition

Ethnic and linguistic composition in Lebanon

Numerous ethnic and religious groups form a heterogeneous Lebanon society, commonly attributed to the descendants of the ancient Phoenicians and Arameans who mingled with the Semitic and non-Semitic invaders. Semitic and non-Semitic invaders represent a mixture of Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, and Europeans. The earliest population of the region spoke the Phoenician language. After the 4th century BC, the Aramaic language has gradually replaced its predecessor. It took almost five centuries after the invasion of the region by Muslim Arabs ...

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